The Mind of a Mathematician

Michael Fitzgerald and Ioan James (2007).

What makes the mathematician tick?  How do their minds process formulas and concepts that, for most of the rest of the world’s population, remain mysteriously beyond comprehension?  Is there a connection between mathematical creativity and madness?

In the Mind of the Mathematician, internationally famous mathematician Ioan James and accomplished psychiatrist Michael Fitzgerald look at the complex world of mathematics and the mind.  Together they explore the behaviour and personality traits that tend to fit the profile of a mathematician.  They discuss mathematics and the arts, savants, gender and mathematical ability, autism and mathematicians, and the impact of personality disorders and mood disorders.  Mathematicians discussed include Gödel, Dirac, Hardy, Hadamard, Kovalevskaya, Poincare, and Gauss.

These topics, together with a succinct analysis of the great mathematical personalities of the past three centuries, combine to form an eclectic blend of story and scientific inquiry that will fascinate all those curious about how a mathematician’s mind really works.

Michael Fitzgerald was the first professor Child Psychiatry at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.  Now Adjunct Professor.  This is his 16th book.  Ioan James is professor of mathematics at Oxford University and a Fellow of The Royal Society.  He is the author of seven books and over 100 research articles and an editor for the mathematical journal, Topology.

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