Genesis of Artistic Creativity at the National Gallery, Dublin

          Genesis of Artistic Creativity & the Yeats Family at the National Gallery, February, 2016
Friends of the National Gallery
  Prof Michael Fitzgerald presented this slide show to the friends of the National Gallery.
The main focus of this presentation is the Yeats family, Jack B Yeats and William Butler Yeats.


The Genesis of Artistic Creativity
The Genesis of Artistic Creativity
The information for the above presentation comes from this book about the nature of artistic creativity and its relationship with ‘difference’ has intrigued people for centuries. The Genesis of Artistic Creativity is a revealing exploration of the lives of 21 famous writers, philosophers, musicians and painters including William Butler Yeats and Jack B Yeats and many others, in light of the recognized criteria for diagnosis of high-functioning autism and Asperger’s Syndrome (AS).
Author: Fitzgerald M. (2005)
Publisher:Jessica Kingsley Publications: London
ISBN:  978-1843103349
The Genesis of Artistic CreativityJapanese Edition
This book was also translated and published in Japanese.

Co-Author: Fitzgerald M. (2009)

Publisher: Seiwa Shoten Pub: Tokyo
ISBN: 978-4790714392